Bangin’ Becky Toy Time

bangin becky and a pink vibeBangin’ Becy is a hot hardcore amateur girl that just loves to get into all sorts of naughty situations. Becky loves to fuck and suck and have a good time, but sometimes when she is all alone, she has to take care of things herself.

Her weapon of choice? This nice huge pink soft cover vibrator with the extra clit stimulation piece to make sure that she not only feels the vibrations deep in her wet pussy, but also on her throbbing clit! Becky isn’t shy either, and she humps this toy like crazy, even putting in down and riding it cowgirl style as she cums like mad.

Bangin Becky’s pussy gets all nice and wet from this toy, and you can see the juice coming around it as she rides up and down… very nice!

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